Ups and Downs

Today the feelings are raw and I am a bit more emotional.
Tomorrow will be better I’m sure but as it is, I am riding the waves.
This is part of my journey.
The highs, the lows, the in betweens.

I’ve come so far to give up now
So I will keep going.
My steps feel heavier today.
I’ve made so many steps forward, yet today feels like many, many more back.

I don’t always know what triggers me but I find my courage from knowing that there’s a higher power out there.
I’m a dreamer.
I believe in the impossible , even when my heart and head aren’t in sync.

My dreams are bigger than me.
I am learning to stop worrying about the how
Not crying over the whys and just believe in my Whats.
What it is that I want, need and desire , trusting that the heavens and the universe will deliver .


Let’s catch up

Hello everyone

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted.

A lot has happened. I’ve got married last October, we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary soon.

I can’t believe almost a year has gone. Oh how time flies.

We’ve moved house and I’ve changed jobs so I now get to spend quality time at home.

How amazing! I feel much happier.

It’s been a blessed year and I can’t complain.

I am grateful for everything and look forward to many more ore exciting times ahead.

It’s my time of harvest, of fun and adventure. It’s time to live again and enjoy.

I’m living my life and in every moment, I am grateful and thankful.

I hope to write more regularly now that I have the time.

Let’s hope that I can be inspired.

Love & light always.

True Love

You wake up one day and everything comes crashing around you.

Your biggest fears have become a reality.

You look around you clutching for a lifeline.

That’s when you know who really matters.

When your true friends, family and support system love on you, build you up and simply show up.

Your partner loves you more, holds you tighter  even while hurting too or hurting for you, reassures you that everything will be okay.

Time goes by with some days being okay, others not so much. Then slowly, the pain subsides and there is light.

You begin to pick yourself up.

Everything is put into perspective and you appreciate life a bit more, become more grateful for the simple things.

Most importantly, you cherish your few who had your back through it all.
That is what true love and friendship really means.
Love & light

poeticlibra©copyright 2017

To my Love

You use to be my little secret. I was scared to share you with the world. Maybe I feared that sharing you would take the magic away. I am not sure why or how it happened but I thank the Universe for sending you my way.

You’ve taught me how to be confident, brave and fearless.To open my heart and to be who I am. To be proud and to love unconditionally. To be fierce, yet gentle.

There is this peace within. My heart and mind are welcoming of new things.There is so much love and inner peace.  I am receptive of your love and the joy you bring. We balance each other so well. You teach me how to be more light hearted and enjoy life.

I love how you love on me  and the way you put me  first. You’ve such a loving, tender heart that makes me love you more and aspire to be a better person.

In difficult times you have been my greatest supporter. You have always found ways to help me improve and grow, whether by feeding my love for books , or just finding or doing  things to make me smile.

In this world, though there is no such things as perfection, you are the perfect being for my imperfections. So how then can I hide you my love, when you are the biggest part of my life.

I write this with joy in heart and the biggest smile on my face.I look forward to this journey with you my love.This year is filled with so much wonderful things for us. The most exciting of them all, becoming your wife. I can’t wait to look you in the eyes and promise you forever. You’ve already taught me what for better or for worse means.

My love, my Sunshine.Thank you for being on this journey thus far . It hasn’t been smooth sailing that for certain  but we’ve weathered the storms by sticking together.  I looked forward to our future.

                    Love & Light


Inner Peace

I have cried tears of joy

I have cried and sobbed out of pain and heartache.

I have been let down 

I have been supported.

I have walked near the edge and pulled myself back.

I have been weak and I have been strong.

I have been scared and I have been hopeful.

I have felt worthless but I have also felt worthy.

I have buried my head in the sand and I have faced my darkest fears.

I have hidden in the dark and I have embraced the light.

I have shut my heart but now I open it freely to love and accept all the wonderful experiences and love the world wants to bless me with.

Through the highs and the lows, I have always known the hand of God and his favour.

My heart has found peace, strength and inner joy.

My Weakness Becomes My Strength

For so long I have struggled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. 

I wanted to be brave and do things on my own.

I didn’t want to be deemed as weak so for more than half my life I used my writing as the only form of therapy .

You see, my writings wouldn’t turn around and tell my secrets. 

They wouldn’t turn on me and suddenly stop being my friend.

My words would never betray me and I thought I needed nothing else. 
Time has passed. I have grown older and though my writings are still the biggest part of my healing, I accept the fact that I also need much more.
It’s much more difficult to stay on top of things. 

I am not just wanting to live the best life possible for me, but I want to be the best partner and friend. 

I want those around me to feel my light, my love, my joy and share in my laughter.

I no longer wish to be controlled by my moods, guilt or shame.  I no longer want to feel scared, anxious and angry , not understanding or being able to express what I am going through. 

I want to know and understand who I am.

I want those around me to be happy  in my presence.

I have gotten so much love and support over the past few years even when I haven’t given my best. 

I want those demons to flee and no longer live in my head.

I want to find release and freedom.

I don’t want to lie awake with thoughts of suicide plaguing my mind. 

So many nights I am scared that I won’t make it till morning and it’s a battle because I have to think of my loved ones and how this would  affect them. Most of the time that’s the only thing keeping me from going over the edge.  

I don’t want to be scared because I can’t control my moods.

I want to be the light and live in the light. 

So today , I choose to start over and to accept the help that I need at this time. 

I need it for my sanity. I need it so that my days won’t end prematurely.

I want to live for as long as I was intended to. 

I choose to live not just exist. 

Today I choose to let everything that has made me weak, be my strength and building block. 

Today I start over because my life matter to me and those around me. 
Love & Light

Darkness and Light

Once I was a little girl, broken, scared, used and abused with a heart filled with tears.
Still, through the darkest nights and the most heart broken times, I had dreams.
Dreams of rising through the ashes and spreading my wings, of blooming from the mud like the lotus flower.

Always, even in my darkest hour, there was a beam of light and there lied faith.
This fueled my fire and kept me going.
It still keeps me going.

So as I go through the fire, I know that though I be bent, I shall not be broken. I shall be sharpened and come out the other side.

May that fire and passion inside keep directing my path and leading me home.

While  this day may be filled with sorrow and pain, I know that tomorrow is a new day.
I was not born to fail nor live in fear.
I will overcome by grace.

The Heavens and the Universe gives me sustainance and keeps me strong and courageous.
I was created for great things.
Darkness shall not overcome me.
For wherever I am, love and light will surround me.

Show me the path you have laid for me and grant me peace, clarity and wisdom to discern.
Your will be done always and forever as your kingdom lives within me.
It is not what anyone thinks of me that I am, but that which I believe. In knowing my purpose, I will fulfill my destiny.

The little helpless child will weep no more.
I have been blessed with the strength to endure.
I am free from all shackles.
May peace be with me that I know who I am and whose I am always.

The Kingdom is within us all.
As we are we come .
Proud and filled with love.
Created perfectly imperfect by the hands of the Greatest Craftsman.
Who then shall call me flawed.

We are all equally and wonderfully made.
How great is it to be free of guilt and shame.
I walk with pride for who I am.
This is me, growing, learning, blossoming holding my head high.

Those nights did turn into days.
Love and light will continue to guide me always.

Love & Light